Monday, August 2, 2010

Party, Party, Party.....

The month of July is always fun...the kids birthdays are 9 days apart. We always make a big deal on their actual birth date and then have a big nice party for the both of them. Kami turned 6 this year and Kaleb turned 8. We had a sleepover in Odessa for the kids birthday before we left. They each had one friend over and we ate pizza and rented movies. Then I took them to see Karate Kid the next day. We were suppose to eat Olive Garden for lunch after but poor lil Kami got sick in the theater and I had to take their friends home.

Then we moved here to Slaton and we had a birthday party at CiCi's with a handful of good friends. It was a nice, low key birthday party this year. Their actual birthdays were just as fun. We always let them pick something special breakfast that we don't eat very often and a nice restaurant for lunch. Kami had blueberry muffins and Olive Garden and Kaleb choose cinnamon rolls and Caboose. They both got a lot of really nice gifts this year too. We really did have a good birthday year this year.

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