Friday, July 2, 2010


Yes, we are moving again, but I couldn't be more thrilled! We are moving back to Lubbock and that is where we truly want to be. I think it's a good place to raise a family and it is very close to all our friends and family. And, that is so important to me with baby Keagan coming in October. Tim has gone ahead to Lubbock to work and he will be back for us on July 9. I have been packing a little each day in hopes of not getting overwhelmed. I am slowly getting there. People say I should be a pro by now, but it's been a little harder since I am pregnant. My dad and step-mom will be here this coming Thursday night to help finish any packing and to load the truck on Friday. I am so grateful to have help moving since I am nearly worthless at 6 months pregnant! We are also very blessed to have friends letting us live in their trailor until our lease is up here at the apartment. That will help us out tremendously. I am getting very anxious about the move and the timing of Keagan's birth. I want to be in a house and somewhat settled before he arrives.

I am a little sad to say goodbye to my friends here. God has always provided at least one woman who I can really admire and look up too. She has really helped me alot this last year we lived in Odessa. My kids are super excited to get back to Lubbock to their friends and our really great church family. Kaleb was actually baptized in this church before we moved. I can't wait to just get there and get settled in. I feel like maybe this time I can unpack and enjoy our time here without waiting for "that" phone call!

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