Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Excitement Is Growing!

I will be 11 weeks pregnant Thursday and I feel like it is slowly creeping along. Don't get me wrong, I am trying to enjoy each day of this pregnancy because I wasn't sure that I would ever get this chance again. We've had to wait so long after Kaleb and Kami due to lack of insurance and bad timing with all our moving. Then, when we finally decided it was a good time and we had a really hard time getting pregnant. Now, it finally happened! I praise God for this opportunity everyday. I am just so anxious to meet my new little one. I am excited to see what God has given us. I can't wait to start picking out pink or blue blankets and onesies.
Kami is so excited to be a big sister. She wants to rock and sing the baby to sleep. She is so sweet! I think she will be such a big helper. We found some pjs that said big sis and I couldn't resist! She is so proud of them!

Kaleb is doing so well in baseball. I am so exited to go watch him play. He wants to practice every chance he gets. He has decided he is going to teach the baby how to play baseball "even if it's a girl!" I think when the baby finally gets here he will do so awesome with it.

I honestly have to say, I have the best hubby in the world. He gets me whatever I am craving (and you never know what that might be with my evening sickness!!) and brings me a drink just because. And, he has still been patiently putting up with my moody behavior that I hope goes away soon!! Tim really is a good guy and I love him to pieces. He is such a great dad and I can't wait to raise this baby with him too.

God has totally blessed us with everything we need and pretty much everything we want! He is good all the time, all the time He is good!!

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