Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

I love baseball! Actually our whole family loves baseball. The only thing that could make it better is watching my son play it. He is playing for the Braves this year and they have the cutest little uniforms. He started machine pitch this year and his first game was last night. And although it was a complete chaotic mess, I love watching him play.

They lost terribly, but Kaleb got a base hit and he caught a grounder in right field. He had another game tonight and it went so much better. They won their game and played so well as a team. Kaleb got another base hit tonight and scored a run. He got a chance to play 3rd base and left field as well. It is so fun to see him cheer for his team and learn how to be a good sportsmen. He is making new friends and learning new skills. He has a coach who use to play minor league ball so he has alot of great things to bring to our team.

We have 18 games this season and Kaleb is sad he has to miss a week of games to go to the beach in April. How funny is that! He'd rather play ball than go build a sandcastle! I really look forward to the rest of the season and watching Kaleb improve. I'll be updating you on his team throughout this season.

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