Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas back home

We left town on Christmas eve after Tim got off work. We were sooo excited to get to go back home for the holidays, until we got a few miles outside of Odessa and had to go 30 miles an hour. A typical 4 hour trip ended up taking 6 1/2 hours. It was so hard on the kids. They just wanted to be there and really so did I. Tim was so patient and careful and he finally got us safely there. We went straight to my mom's house and had Christmas with them. It was great and the kids got lots of awesome clothes, which they don't much care for, but it's a big help for my clothing budget! My parents got them some toys they really wanted too!

Kaleb did tell my dad, Terry, less clothes and more toys next year PawPaw! We stayed the night there and help make a big yummy lunch. We opened more presents from my sister, cousin and great grandma after that. Then, we took lots of family pictures.

We loaded up and went to Dad's and Grammie's house next. We helped make a big dinner and then opened more presents. It's so great to have a big family and it's even better when we can all get together. So, we took more family pictures there too.

We sadly had to leave early the next morning to get Tim back to work. Thankfully the roads were much better and we made it safely home in 5 hours! But I have to say being around family for Christmas was the best gift of all!

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