Thursday, December 31, 2009

Changes for the New Year!

Every year, like most people, I make a few resolutions. Well, this year I am getting my whole family involved. For instance, Kambree made a drastic change and cut 7 inches off her hair. I have to admit once I arrived at the salon and the stylist took out the scissors, I hesitated and almost said never mind. Kami has always had long hair. She is known by most people for her long, thick hair. But you know, I am glad we did it! We needed some relief from all the washing, drying and tangles. It had became a chore to brush and fix her mane everyday. Daddy had even started calling her hair-ball. LOL We will save a ton of money on hair care products and to top it all off, Kami loves her hair now. No more drama! And, she looks a little older and more mature.

I asked Kaleb to think of one "promise" this year he would like to make to himself and to God. He had a hard time deciding, but finally he came up with the idea to be kind to every person he came in contact with. He wants to show them Jesus through his actions. That makes me really proud of him. He is finally getting what it's all about!

As for Tim and I, we are going to try to eat healthier and exercise more of course. We are also going to try and read through the whole Bible this year and serve more faithfully. We want to be better examples and lead our children in the most godly way we can. We are going to try and have another child this year too if God allows. We have high expectations this year and I know with God's help we can be successful as well as a blessing to someone in the process.

Please remember to pray for our family in 2010 just as we want to pray and lift up your family for a great and blessed 2010!

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  1. Hi Jennifer - It is so good to see updates of the family -such a cutie miss Kambree and her haircut :)
    I am always praying for you all - look forward to more peeks into your life together & I am here if you ever need anything !!!
    hugs & blessings
    Janice W