Friday, June 4, 2010

Big News

Thursday we had our 20 week sonogram to see how the baby was growing and see if we could find out the sex. I drank a coke to prepare my little darling for the show, hoping it would help. I was so excited to find out and to make sure that the baby was healthy. She took all her measurements and confirmed that the baby was right on track and looked great. The kids were just as anxious as me and kept asking if she knew yet. She worked her way down and the baby was sitting with his ankles crossed and the cord between his legs. He waved at us and took a big drink of the fluid, but didn't feel the need to show us what he was yet. Thankfully our songrapher was a VERY patient woman. She said go use the restroom and jump around a little. I did and rubbed my tummy and layed back down. And finally, the sweet lil baby moved just enough for us to see his man goods! Yay!! We are having a boy!

Tim and I are so excited just to finally know. I have already gone shopping for a few blue outfits. The kids were so proud to know they were having a brother too. Kami is especially excited! She can't wait to be a big sister. And, big brother Kaleb has plans for our little guy to play baseball just like him. Now we just patiently wait for his arrival and thank God for such an awesome blessing!!

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