Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adams' Family Vacation 2010

Let me start by saying, we had the best vacation this year and didn't want to come home. Join me as I tell you about our adventures! We patiently counted down the days until we left. It took us almost an entire day to pack everything we would need for our trip. The day finally arrived for us to head out of town....and Kami started throwing up. Yikes!! She threw up twice while getting ready to leave. We were determined not to let this ruin our trip or even delay us. We loaded a small trash can with several bags just in case. After lots of prayers, we got on the road. Thankfully, she didn't throw up again. We arrived in Austin Friday afternoon and we didn't slow down. We met Tim's mom and dad at Chuy's. (I love that place!) We made a pit stop at Academy for beach hats and sandals. Then, Nancy, Kami and I went for a pedicure so we would have pretty feet at the beach! We enjoyed pizza for dinner and watched Sherlock Holmes. The next day, Tim was anxious to take Louis' motorcycle out for a ride. Kami, being my adventurous child wanted to go. They put their helmets on and went out for a ride. I was praying the entire time and tried not to have a nervous break down when they didn't come back for a while. But to my dismay, they had an accident. Tim had skid thru some rocks turning and layed the bike on its side. Only by the grace of God did Kami only return home with one tiny scratch. On the other hand, Tim was pretty banged up. He hurt his shoulder protecting Kami and had several deep cuts and scrapes. I am just so thankful to God it wasn't any worse.

We loaded up shortly after the incident and began our drive to Port Aransas. The closer we got the more anxious we all became. The kids had never seen the beach so this was an exciting trip for them. We finally made it to the line to load the ferry. We had to wait about 30 minutes to cross, but we all knew that meant we were that much closer!

We finally made it to the condo and settled in. We couldn't hardly wait to go down to the beach and walk thru the water. Well, walking in the water turned into playing in the water and we had a great afternoon splashing in the sea.

After realizing the water was salt water the kids decided they wanted to go try out the pool. This place had it all! We had a double pool and the ocean was just across the bridge from our condo.

Needless to say, we had a great first day at the beach. Day # 2 was no disappointment either. We got up early and went for a barefooted walk along the beach and enjoyed finding sea shells. We had a little Adams' family church service and thanked God for a wonderful place to vacation. Later, we went to the souvenir shops and found some great things to take home to remember our trip.

Grandpa Louis and Grandma Nancy arrived later that day. We all went down and enjoyed playing in the sand and the ocean. Tim got a major sunburn that day! And, we had to drag Grandpa Louis out of the water. He would go so far out we could barely see him between waves!

Monday we went to the Texas State Aquarium. That is such a neat place to visit. We all learned so much while we were there. First thing we saw was the dolphin show and they drenched us. Of course we were sitting in the first row. We got to pet the sting rays, learn about alligators and sea turtles, and see a fish feeding show. We really enjoyed our time there.

Of course when we got home, we all had to go play in the ocean again. We really enjoyed playing in the water and splashing around. We found several dead jelly fish and Portugese Man of War lying up on the beach near where we were swimming. I just tried not to think about them ever have living in the water I was just swimming in!

Wednesday was time to head our seperate ways. That meant Nancy and Louis would be taking Kaleb and Kami back to Austin for a few days while Tim and I spent time together in San Antonio for an early 10 year anniversary. I was excited and sad at the same time. I have never really been a part from my kids for very long. So this was a little hard for me at first, but I knew the Vidottos had such a fun time planned for the kids that they would be fine. Tim and I stayed in a bed in breakfast just a few blocks from the River Walk. It was such a neat and beautiful place to stay. We enjoyed our first night there by watching 2 movies in a row. It was great not having to worry about getting home to the babysitter! The next day, we spent lots of time on the River walk. We did the boat tour and then walked to the Alamo. We finished the day at the Wax Museum and Guiness Book of World Records Museum. We ate at 2 places neither of us had eaten at before while on the River Walk. We had Rain Forest Cafe for lunch (which the kids would of LOVED!)and the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We also saw a group of historic houses that were being restored that were absolutely amazing. We visited the Pioneer Flour Factory and Restaraunt for breakfast the next day and headed back to Austin. We made a pit stop in San Marcos for some shopping. I had to hit the Carter store and buy something for the baby!

We are excited to get back and see the kids. I missed their hugs and kisses. We heard about all the fun things they did and how Kaleb almost beat Grandpa Louis at chess. They actually stayed in Port Aransas a little longer than we did that day. They stayed to feed the sea gulls and play at the point. They visited a miniture horse farm on Thursday and got to brush the horses and donkeys. They even tried to play their own version of minute to win it with Grandpa. They really enjoyed spending time with the grandparents which totally warmed my heart.

Saturday, Tim and Kaleb went and played golf while Nancy, Kami and I went into Austin and enjoyed lunch at Frootz. (Best smoothies EVER!)We walked around the farmers market, hit a few really good garage sales and saw where Nancy's new job was at. Sunday we said our good-byes and headed home. We now had to get unpacked and rested up for our new week. Which was hard to get back on track. But, we all agreed that when the baby is a little bigger we would definately make the beach trip again!

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