Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I did it!!!

On Saturday, January the 30th, I ran my first 5K race. For those of you unfamiliar with kilometers, a 5K is only 3.1 miles. It was at the UTPB campus here in Odessa. I have been walking/running with some ladies from church early in the mornings since October to try and train for it. I was so nervous and scared that I still couldn't do it. Tim dropped me off at registration and took the kids to eat breakfast. My heart was pounding out of my chest by now. After I had gotten registered and ready for the race to begin, God just gave me a peace. I was so ready! As the race got under way though, I begin to have doubts again because I was almost in last place and was feeling very anxious. I just prayed and ran the whole time. I ran the entire thing without stopping or walking. I finished in 39:15 and I was not the last one! I had beat both of my goals for the race! Tim and the kids met me at the finish line with roses. That was such a sweet surprise. I have the most supportive husband. He has encouraged me this whole time I was training and keep telling me how proud he was after I finished! You know, I am pretty proud of myself too! This whole ordeal has been completely out of my comfort zone. Now I am learning to love running and can't wait to run again and beat my time. I encourage anyone reading this to never doubt themselves. I overcame some big mountains getting to this point and I know now I CAN do anything!

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  1. WOW GIRL!!!! so proud of you - that is AWESOME!!!
    Way to go!!!
    love ya